We promote the creation and modification of public policies that are of interest to our afiliates through tools that generate channels of communication, dialogue and consensus between the different actors in society.

This public policy promotion structure was developed within the organization for more than a decade, and has been perfected by adapting successful models such as the Voluntary Agreements implemented in Chile, especially within the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change of that country.

Voluntary agreements encourage dialogue and building trust between the public and private sectors, so that the interests and needs of each participant are taken into account.

It is an early participation process (pre-feasibility stage), in which the State assumes a guarantor role and integrates specialized professionals.


A series of fundamental principles for the process must be fulfilled:


  •  Impact on Desitions

  •  Inclusion and Representation of Actors

  •  Equal Opportunities

  •  Caution Principle

  •  Mutual Education

  •  Access to Information

The objective of these Voluntary Agreements is to establish a long-term relationship between companies and state entities, so that the working groups are maintained when designing, issuing and implementing new regulations

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